Driscoll Surname Results - Nova Scotia 1911 Census

The following names have been culled from the 1911 Census records for Nova Scotia at the automated genealogy.com site. In total I found 65 Driscoll surnames in the 1911 census of Nova Scotia. To the best of my ability, records were recorded exactly as they were on the census forms, errors and all. By clicking on the name of the person of interest, you will be taken to a page showing the record of the household for that person. The Driscoll name may show up as the main household name or as that of a lodger, servant or other category. On the family records themselves, occasionally there are notes identifying obvious errors. I hope this information provides some assistance in your research efforts.

??? Driscole Aug (age 10 mos.) Henry Driscoll Jun 1909 Mary Driscoll Apr 1856
Agnes Driscoll Oct 1876 Hilda Driscoll Jul 1904 Mary Driscoll Jun 1890
Albert Driscoll Aug 1903 Ilene Driscoll May 1899 Mary Driscoll Dec 1862
Alice Driscoll Apr 1885 Irene Driscoll Sep 1898 Mary Driscoll Aug 1848
Annie Driscole Apr (age 25) Jame Driscoll Mar 1842 Mary Driscoll Apr 1866
Annie A. Driscoll Jan 1871 James Driscoll age 58 Mary B. Driscoll Oct 1898
Annie A. Driscoll May 1904 James Driscoll May 1873 Michael Driscoll Jul 1862
Carrie Driscoll age 58 James A. Driscoll Feb 1901 Michael Driscoll Sep 1845
Catherine Driscoll Nov 1901 Jean Driscoll Aug 1905 Noble Driscoll Dec 1904
Charles Driscole Apr (age 25) Jeremiah Driscoll Dec 1861 Patrick E. Driscoll Jan 1908
Clifford Driscoll Feb 1897 John Driscoll Aug 1876 Rhoda Driscoll Aug 1888
Dennis Driscoll Nov 1853 John Driscoll Sep 1863 Roy Driscoll May 1901
Ella Driscoll Jun 1898 John Driscol Aug 1876 Sarah Driscoll Apr 1861
Ellen Dricoll Oct 1906 John J. Driscol Dec 1899 Sarah Driscoll Mar 1837
Florence Driscoll Jun 1906 Kate Driscoll Jan 1886 Stephen Driscoll May 1867
Francis Driscoll Apr 1906 Lawrence Driscoll Nov 1896 Theresa Driscoll Jul 1895
Fred Driscoll Jun 1892 Lena Driscoll Dec 1871 Thomas Driscoll Nov 1871
Frederick Driscoll Mar 1895 Leo Driscoll Sep 1892 Thomas B. Driscoll Apr 1906
George Driscoll age 21 Leo Driscol Jan 1889 Walter Driscoll Dec 1874
Gordon Driscoll Aug 1908 Lewis Driscoll Apr 1910 William Driscoll Apr 1876
Harriet Driscoll Feb 1894 Maggie ? Driscol Jan 1897 Winnie Driscoll Oct 1900
Henry Driscoll Mar 1883 Margaret Driscoll Aug 1897 -- --